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Your Beginner Guide to CNC Machining

Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) Machining is one of the most precise methods in shaping raw material such as aluminum, steel, or titanium across a variety of axes. Given instruction from the engineer, the computer uses a language called G-Code to direct tooling that has been loaded into the machine prior to the start of the cycle. Using computer software such as CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) and CAD (Computer-Aided Design), the user develops the 3-D model that is then transcribed into G-code for the CNC machine to read.

The photo you see above is a HAAS ES 5 4-axis mill with a 40"x18"x22" capacity (X, Y, and Z axes respectfully), a whopping 20 horsepower, and a maximum spindle speed rate at 8,000 RPM. This machine is primarily used for our larger CNC projects with the 40" horizontal capacity that is offered. For example, a recent project required a larger capacity within a short timeframe. As you can see in the photo below, a CAD drawing was made to include custom fixturing that was tailored to the job at hand.

With over 35 years of experience in providing manufacturing solutions to a variety of industries, RTD Manufacturing has the knowledge and resources to re-engineer fixturing, tooling, and processes that improve both cost and efficiency of your products. You have a part but no print; we can assist you in providing a functional print and a cad drawing with your title block. We fabricate, machine, and assemble fixtures to meet the needs, to check parts, and even offer a turn-key process for the development and prove-out of all of our fixtures.

About us:

RTD Manufacturing, Inc. offers our customers a full range of manufacturing solutions. We utilize our state of the art equipment coupled with the industries best practices to provide superior quality products delivered on time. Our experienced machining staff, engineering staff, and fabrication personnel stand ready to assist our customers with providing quality solutions to their manufacturing challenges.

Contact us today for your next manufacturing solution; whether it be single-part production, high production, prototyping, reverse engineering, or fixturing building. With over 35 years in the manufacturing industry, we're able to take on the challenge!

(517) 783-1550

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